Consulate of NepaL

​Province of Alberta, Canada

कन्सुलेट अफ नेपाल

प्रभिन्स अफ अलबर्टा क्यानडा

Services for Nepali Citizens

Consular Information

Passport Renewal, Document Verification and Power of Attorney

Requests for Nepali passport renewal/issuance, document verification/authentication or Power of Attorney can only be processed by the Embassy of Nepal in Ottawa. Please contact the Embassy directly.

Travel to Nepal

Additional Government of Nepal Links

The Honorary Consulate of Nepal in Calgary represents the Government of Nepal in the
Province of Alberta, offering information on tourism and conducting business in Nepal, and
providing consular assistance to Nepali citizens.

​​Consulate of Nepal for the Province of Alberta

Calgary, Canada


Canadian citizens may obtain a tourist visa valid for up to 90 days on arrival in Nepal at Tribhuvan International Airport (Kathmandu) with no pre-registration. For information about land border access, other types of visas, or visas for other foreign nationals, click on the Enhanced Visa Information link below. Persons holding Canadian Refugee Travel Documents must obtain a visa in advance from the Embassy of Nepal in Ottawa. ​Visas are not available from the Consulate at this time.

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Trekking/Climbing Permits

COVID-19 Update

Effective June 7, 2023, all previous COVID-19 vaccination and reporting arrival restrictions have been lifted

Effective 2023 April 01, new regulations are in place regarding trekking in Nepal. Please see the following link to the Nepal Department of Immigration for more information:

+1 403.466.8955

Consultation by appointment only

​​​नेपाली भाषा सम्पर्क ओटावा मा नेपाल को दूतावास मा सहायताको लागि।
Embassy of Nepal in Canada
क्यानाडा मा नेपाल दूतावास
Ottawa, Ontario
+1 613.680.5513